Stay off the grid and save money.

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun.

Farm out energy and reap the benefits.

A great way to save money and make the environment clean and green.


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Off Grid Power websites are created, developed & managed by IMAS Consultants. We are an International Management & Administration Service provider offering Innovative Marketing & Advertising Solutions. IMAS specialise in marketing & project management services for the Energy Sector. We have performed in-depth marketing research regarding the renewable energy market and have created websites to inform the public of the benefits, technology and process of implementing a balanced approach to energy consumption. IMAS will manage your project with the will installers of your system for you convenience and satisfaction to ensure the project is completed in a time fashion and within your budget.


Your installers are certified, experienced and safe.


Your products are of excellent quality and majoirty Canadian.


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Achieving an energy-efficient household means reducing its energy consumption by using efficient appliances and implementing energy-savings strategies.

Automated Electrical Products; light switches, lights, power outlets

Traditional installations have a control device such as a light switch or a thermostat. Since domotics and smart installations have been invented, these functions can be managed through a remote system directly connected to a smartphone, tablet, PC. This makes it possible to monitor the situation at home in any moment, even when you’re far from it. With a particular focus on environmental issues, energy saving, and the improvement of people’s lifestyles.

Automated Appliances; furnaces, fridges, stoves, garage door openers

The house of the future will be smart because it will imply high levels of interaction between users and the appliances. Smart electric power systems aim to reduce the electricity demand. How? By remotely controlling their appliances to avoid exceeding the maximum limit of the electricity meter; recording and communicating potential anomalies in the system; warning you if there are functioning devices when you’re not at home.

Automated Security Components; camera's, sensors, motion detectors

Protect your home and family with an environmentally friendly home security system. Wireless alarm systems, paperless billing and interactive contacting methods have made many home security systems environmentally friendly. Wireless alarm systems require no drilling through walls or installing cables, thus making them good for the environment. There are no foolproof methods that can guarantee that no one will break into your home, but a good home security plan reduces your chances.

Renewable Energy Solutions; Solar Systems; Solar & Wind Systems, Off-Grid RV solutions, generator Back-up Add-ons

Renewable energy technologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. The amount of electricity a wind turbine generates will depend on the wind speed and the turbine's capacity rating. A wind turbine with a rated capacity of 1 kW, will produce 1kWh of electricity per hour when exposed to a specific rated wind speed. This specific rated wind speed varies between different models between 10 to 11 metres per second.

Direct Energy/Power Consultation

Home/Business Automation Installation

Home/Business Security Installation

Renewable Solution Consultation

Valuing lasting Partnerships

As a Marketing Project Management firm we have made valued and lasting partnerships with manufactures, retail outlets and renewable technology installers to provide you with the best products and services the industry can provide right across Canada. IMAS Consultants & Project Managers use our expertise in communication to understand your expectations, goals and budget to effectively establish what system will fit your needs. IMAS will manage your project with the will installers of your system for you convenience and satisfaction to ensure the project is completed in a time fashion and within your budget.


If you resell or install solar, we’re here to support you with quality products, training and valuable partnerships. With our substantial buying power, reliable product delivery and expert resources, you’ll have the power to compete in the thriving solar industry with a minimum risk.

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